Why Buy from LMFP

Why you should buy your wing from Lookout Mountain Flight Park.

  1. Our whole flight training program is about your success – we want you to have a wing that you will excel with.
  2. First glider or fifth glider we will advise you to purchase a glider that will be appropriate for you and that you will enjoy.
  3. If you are having difficulty with a glider that we recommend for you we will take that glider back and get you in a glider that better suits your needs.
  4. We have taught and graduated 5 times more novice pilots than any other school. Our report card is your flying skills and you enjoyment in flying as a pilot. We have a lot of experience and the desire for you to excel in your flying sport. Our recommendation of a certain wing is part of your formula for success.
  5. Service – a big word that we deliver on in a big way. We stock most of what you need to keep you in the air and get you in the air. From our 2400sq/ft service building where we have a sew shop/sail loft to our $50,000+ worth of raw materials and parts and a full time glider expert.
  6. Our facilities – second to none – all designed and built for your flying enjoyment, needs and success.
  7. To keep LMFP alive you should support LMFP and the flying experts that are here for you with your equipment purchases.
  8. If the need for repair or service arises our customers who support us come first and go to the front of the line in front of work needed for folks that purchased elsewhere. It has to be that way even if we can’t get to other’s needs – we take care of our pilots that support us in front of all others.
  9. We have the best selection, competitive prices, the best delivery times and the largest inventory of any other flight park or school. We also have between just two instructors over 90 years of experience working at all aspects of foot or aerotow launch flying. If we recommend flying gear it’s because we know it will work for you and it’s the best you can get for your needs.
  10. We are leaders in the industry and have developed, helped develop or been involved in design and manufacturing a lot of the gear that is used by all pilots today.

Support our life’s work and the instructors and flight professionals that support you with your equipment purchases!