Icaro 2000 RX2 Race

Icaro 2000 RX2 Race Image

Base Price$6995
Leading Edge ColorGrey Mylar
Double Surface Color
Main ColorClear Mylar
Glider Weight (lbs.)53
Sail Area (sq/ft)190
Sail ConfigSingle Surface
Skill LevelH2
Hook-in Minimum (lbs.)176
Hook-in Maximum (lbs.)264
Icaro 2000 RX2 Race

In stock for you today, no waiting!

Race Model Icaro 2000 RX2 with only 14 hours of total time.

  • Streamlined Control Frame
  • Carbon Fiber Base Bar
  • V.G.
  • Winglets
  • Mylar Sail
  • Icaro Competition Wheels
  • 2 Spare Downtubes

Price: $6995 plus tax